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1: WFH benchmarking in Indian startups 2023

According to a WhatsApp poll: 27% - Fully remote 15% - Office with significant WFH allowance 43% - Office with small WFH allowance 14% - Office. No WFH allowance.

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Remote WFH Startups India

2: JD of 'Holy C Developer'

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3: X/ Twitter building a product for recruiters

"We need to hustle and get our recruiting product available at scale!" -- Elon Musk

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Hiring Twitter New

4: From stay interviews to thinking of company as team and not as family - how to retain employees

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Hiring Retention HR

5: Amazon is facing an $8B/year problem. • ~75% of employees leave the company • Only 1/3 of new hires stay for >90 days

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Hiring HR Amazon Turnover

6: ChatGPT for Recruitment

Blog post on how to use ChatGPT for hiring. Has examples and screenshots.

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ChatGPT GenAI AI Hiring HR

7: "8 rare traits I see in every high performer" from Matt Gray - founder of Herb and Founder OS

Full thread here-

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8: Paul graham on remote first culture in 2023

"I've talked to multiple founders recently who have changed their minds about remote work and are trying to get people back to the office. I doubt things will go all the way back to the way they were before Covid, but it looks like they will go most of the way back."

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9: Video of HDFC Bank executive berating colleagues over targets goes viral; lender takes action

A video of an online meeting in HDFC Bank showcased a firsthand account of the toxic work environment experienced by employees in the organisation under the leadership of senior vice president Pushpal Roy.

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Workplace Harassment India Banking Video Firing

10: Slack ex-CEO on overhiring in Tech

He noted that when there's no real constraint on hiring, "you hire someone, and the first thing that person wants to do is hire other people." The reason, he explained, is that "it's a very obvious signal, and it's very true, that the more people who report to you, the higher your prestige, the more your power in the organization." He continued, "If you're a manager, you want to become a senior manager. If you're a senior manager, you want to become a director. It's a very powerful incentive. So every budgeting process is, 'I really want to hire,' and that to me is the root of all the excess."

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Hiring Firing Over-hiring Tech Slack

11: [Hiring] Repeat founders vs first-time founders

"Hardest part of being a founder isn’t doing the things (though a lot of that is hard). It’s withstanding constant 2nd guessing by everyone on all the things - product, pricing, hiring, fundraising. This, I think,is true advantage of repeat founders. Trusting gut above all else."

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12: Skillset differences between different "Data" roles

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13: "LinkedIn is dead. Twitter for Recruiting!" - Lead AI Infra @Tesla and @Twitter

Musk reply -

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Hiring LinkedIn Twitter

14: Stripe story about them hiring their first non-engineer

Always loved this Stripe story about them hiring their first non-engineer - skeptical of hiring first non-engineer Billy Alvarado - Geoff Ralston tells stripe to hire Billy - Geoff offers to cover their salary if it doesn't work out - ends up being a pivotal decision

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15: Sam Altman says remote work experiment was a mistake

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says the remote work ‘experiment’ was a mistake—and ‘it’s over’

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16: "Before you create the JD, create your MSN list for the role."

Building the right JD - Tips from Shreyas Doshi (ex Product at Stripe, Google, Twitter)

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17: "IBM expects to pause hiring for roles as roughly 7,800 jobs could be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the coming years" - CEO Arvind Krishna

"Hiring specifically in back-office functions such as human resources will be suspended or slowed, Krishna said, adding that 30% of non-customer-facing roles could be replaced by AI and automations in five years."

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18: Creator Economy Hiring: When to hire someone for your channel? Notes from Paddy (behind YT channels like MrBeast, RedBull)

As someone who's had a team of 1 (my own channel), and worked on channels with teams of 40+, here's some thoughts: Don't hire and delegate everything too early into your journey. It's a bad idea for 99% of creators reading this tweet. Why? Well... Full details in

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19: "Calling this now, but every company needs to hire a Chief AI Officer.... this is not a drill."

Chief of AI - new important CXO role or scapegoat for redundancies?

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Hiring AI GPT

20: Hiring tips from Head of Talent @a16zgames

Startup founders often spend 40%+ of their job hiring, because selecting the right people is often the difference between success and failure Some great tips below from my colleague Jordan Mazer (ex-Riot/Scopely). Follow @justmazer for more on hiring in the games/tech industries

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21: New role in the AI space? "Senior Responsible Data & AI Manager" opening in BBC

The BBC is hiring for Responsible AI. The role "will ensure internal development, procurement and editorial use of AI/ML are aligned with our values and legal and regulatory obligations, and that risks are identified and managed effectively"

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Hiring AI GPT Legal

22: Two sides of the state of hiring - discussion on HN

"Hiring manager here with open REQs. I've been doing multiple phone screens daily, and it's been brutal on my end, too."

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Hiring Recession FAANG Engineers Coding

23: I'm hearing that some people who got laid off from FAANG are struggling to get a job.

"I'm hearing that some people who got laid off from FAANG are struggling to get a job. It seems many recruiters see Big Tech logos in the CV and consider them too expensive to hire. Weird times. Just 2 years ago I was being pushed by VCs to hire candidates with those same logos."

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Hiring Recession

24: AI trained digital recruiter

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25: Indian Designers' Salaries 2022

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Hiring Trends Design UI/UX

26: European labor laws are making it hard for big tech companies to just say “oops, we hired too many of you during boom times so GTFO” like they can in the US.

Full story here -

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Firing Layoffs Recession EU

27: Diversity hiring gone wrong - "stop gaslighting people of color when they tell you the hiring market is rigged against them. stop saying lack of diversity is a pipeline problem or "just hiring who's best for the job". this is much bigger than whatever recruiter accidentally posted this publicly."

Further updates on what happened next -

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Hiring Diversity Job Description

28: Ghost Jobs: One-third of the managers who said they advertised jobs they weren’t trying to fill said they kept the listings up to placate overworked employees.

Job Listings Abound, but Many Are Fake In an uncertain economy, companies post ads for jobs they might not really be trying to fill...

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29: Bangalore hiring scene

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30: "9 days ago the access to my work computer was cut, along with about 200 other Twitter employees...."

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31: "Never in my 7 years of hiring have I seen a pipeline like this..."

"Never in my 7 years of hiring have I seen a pipeline like this. Applicants, I'm going to go ahead and speak on behalf of hiring managers and internal recruiters everywhere and beg you for patience while we all work through the sheer volume of applications coming in."

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Hiring Pipeline Tech

32: No. of employees per 1M for S&P 500

"Interesting that revenue per employee rose consistently till 2010 and then flattened out. What stopped in 2010?" Some more interesting stats and takes in the thread

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Employee HR Metrics

33: Prompt engineering- role to stay? Or an innovation away from not being a thing?

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Hiring AI ChatGPT GenAI Engineering

34: [India] Supreme Court to hear plea on menstrual leave for female students, working women

Step in the right direction? Alt-take- "Menstrual leave will only encourage workplace discrimination. Companies would rather prefer hiring more men than women because they'd be compelled to offer extra leaves to their female employees..."

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HR Gender Diversity Inclusion

35: Google has 175,000+ capable and well-compensated employees who get very little done quarter over quarter, year over year.

Like mice, they are trapped in a maze of approvals, launch processes, legal reviews, performance reviews, exec reviews, documents, meetings, bug reports, triage, OKRs, H1 plans followed by H2 plans, all-hands summits, and inevitable reorgs. The mice are regularly fed their “cheese” (promotions, bonuses, fancy food, fancier perks) and despite many wanting to experience personal satisfaction and impact from their work, the system trains them to quell these inappropriate desires and learn what it actually means to be “Googley” — just don’t rock the boat.

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36: One hiring lesson connected to ChatGPT

One lesson connected to ChatGPT is that reliable pple aren't those who have good answers in general, but those who answer ONLY things they know v. well. When lost, you'd rather get no direction than a wrong one. Real doctors let you know what is outside their expertise. When hiring someone, to make sure the person is not a b***tter, get the person to state "I have no clue" about something.

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37: The employee-employer paradox: Layoffs everywhere, but hiring still a problem

Counter-intuitively, more layoffs are shrinking the ‘talent pool’ of promising recruits.

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38: How to answer "Tell me about yourself."

The most common job interview question of all time is "Tell me about yourself".

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39: Diversity hiring done wrong

"Diversity hiring is funny these days. Companies are looking for one person that can fit like 10 boxes, to claim they are inclusive. Looking for a gay black disabled woman, that is the first to get education in their family & moved to the western world as a refugee @ 2"

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Twitter Hiring Diversity

40: Data and design to engineers ratio for 50 of the top US tech companies

In 2017, Figma famously identified that companies were hiring more designers at a 1:9 ratio (vs. eng) But the data hiring race is even faster. US is 1:7 and 1:4 in Europe. Interesting to see Analytics & DevTools rank so low. Snowflake, HashiCorp, GitLab employ <5%

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41: "What is your favorite interview question to ask when hiring?" Top founders answer the questions they ask in cultutre-fit interviews

Many good questions in the list. One I liked "If this interview start over, how would you do differently?"

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42: Basecamp's first commercial "JUST LET ME DO MY JOB"

"Future of work"

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43: OpenAI is hiring developers to make ChatGPT better at coding

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44: Job Interviews Don't Work

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Interview Hiring

45: MIT Research on algorithm resume writing service effects on hiring

In a month long experiment, job seekers with algorithmic writing assistance were 8% more likely to be hired.

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Hiring Tools Resume Research

46: Apple: The Only Big Tech Giant Going Against the Job Cuts Tide

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Apple Big Tech

47: Wow. A Google employee did actually make a Before and After Layoff “day in the life” TikTok.

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Firing Tiktok Google

48: Consulting at scale as a business model

People would think consulting as a business model doesn't work but when it is done at scale with branding, it makes some real moonies. Accenture tops IT services list for 2022 - valued at US$39.9 billion!

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49: Was Steve Jobs a dreadful manager?

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50: How do you stand out in a crowded hiring market?

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51: David Perell on how they work at Write of Passage

Companies are more successful when they define how they work. Instead of trying to appeal to everybody, they attract true believers with a spiky point of view.

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52: "My biggest mistake was hiring a big-public-company tech executive with a fancy resume who had never worked at a startup" - The failure points from $5m to $100m in ARR

As first-time founders we were too creative about organizational structure. We had a flat management hierarchy in the early years, and we bragged that we ran our startup like Star Trek — you were either in engineering or operations, and everyone reported to a founder. This was cute, until it quickly stopped working. People care about titles and career paths, and if you want to retain great people, you have to care about these things too.

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Hiring Startups Managers

53: Never seen recruiters this excited about a product in HR space.

Ashby folks are able to build a vibe and brand around their product in the HR space.

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ATS Product Brand Design Social

54: The Big Tech Hiring Slowdown Is Here and it will Hurt

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Hiring Big Tech Recession

55: Apparently, quiet hiring is when a company asks existing employees to do more than one job without a raise in pay. If your company starts quiet hiring, it’s time to quiet organize.

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Hiring Terminology

56: Paul Graham on hiring

My default advice about hiring is to hire someone if and only if the lack of that person is the main thing holding back your growth. That doesn't change just because you have a lot of money in the bank.

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57: Recruiter memes instagram profile with 10K followers!

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58: #HiringWrapped2022 like SpotifyWrapped

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59: Flipkart is making employees pay for their off-site to Goa 😂

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60: Just spoke to the CEO of a $350 million company, who said: "I won't promote somebody to a strategic leadership position unless they're a good writer."

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61: This Deloitte hiring ad is actually cool (and honest?)

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Video Hiring

62: Steve Jobs on why recruiting is the founder’s most important job

"I think it’s the most important job. Assume you’re by yourself in a startup and you want a partner. You’d take a lot of time finding the partner, right? He would be half of your company. Why should you take any less time finding a third of your company or a fourth of your company or a fifth of your company? When you’re in a startup, the first ten people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. Each is 10 percent of the company. So why wouldn’t you take as much time as necessary to find all the A players? If three were not so great, why would you want a company where 30 percent of your people are not so great?"

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63: Lists of Employees Laid Off in Tech companies (Live tracker)

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64: TikTok is hiring, when everyone else is firing

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